Aric Ng


Aric Ng



Aric Ng - Circa 2019

Aric Ng, born on June 9th 1990, is a man who currently resides in Jersey City, New Jersey.

For his current occupation, he is equipped with the relevant web development knowledge and skills, that allow him to build various website features and content. With his coding experience, he is able to implement the occasional features and applications that are outside his usual front-end fare.

On his offtime? He's either playing Warframe, or working on creative coding or 3D modeling projects, piqued and driven by his own curiosity towards what he knows and enjoys.

  • Language(s): JS, PHP
  • Framework(s): jQuery
  • Libraries: GSAP
  • Hobbies: 3D Modeling (Blender/Substance Painter), Anime, Manga, Light Novels, Sci-Fi Novels, Warframe


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